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Highlighting 50 Founders

For the next 50 days BLK Foundation will be celebrating 50 Black social impact entrepreneurs transforming society for the better.

Founders such as Amanda Ebokosia. Since 2006, The Gem Project has serviced New Jersey youth through peer mentoring, youth organizing, employment, and service-learning initiatives; all with a social justice approach. Amanda is an example of the founders we want to celebrate. Read more:

For too long, black founders have not seen themselves in the investors they seek capital from. Our black-led, inclusive and committed non-profit is a shining example of representation & understanding.

Our mission is not simply to be a light in the dark, discriminatory world of funding but to transform the entire culture of funding and close the racial funding gap. Through this campaign, we hope to shine a light on 50+ amazing trailblazers!


Through our BLK founders network, we will bring together black startup founders to support and educate each other at every stage of their business. Sign up for our newsletter to join the founders' network!

Stay tuned to hear more about our equity-free startup accelerator - a mentor-based program that provides guidance, support, and funding to Black social-impact entrepreneurs.

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