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BLK Foundation

Changing The Culture

of Funding



Our Story

The BLK Foundation is a public charity dedicated to supporting social impact-centered entrepreneurs through equity-free grants. Only 1% of Black business owners receive business loans in their first year and According to the Federal Reserve, 80.2% of white business owners receive at least a percentage of the funding they request from a bank, compared to 66.4% of BIPOC (Black, indigenous, or person of color) business owners. Throughout the lifetime of black-owned businesses, they receive less business financing, less often, and at higher rates. We are committed to changing the culture of funding. 

Who We Are
Our Vision

We are a team of professionals that look like the community we serve. We are individuals committed to changing the future of early-stage black-owned businesses.

Our vision is to bridge the funding gap for all black identities: women, youth, the LGBTQ+ community and more. We know that black-owned businesses are a minority among funding recipients and we know that through our large network and collective expertise, we can change that culture.

About Us





Through this accelerator, we offer a range of support services and equity-free funding opportunities for startups. Through a 6-8 week program, we offer mentorship, resources, and supply chain resources. Through our grants, we aim to provide founders with the resources they need and the control to chase their vision as they choose.

Pitch Assistance 

Through our programming and exclusive "BLK Founders" community, you can develop your business and gain the tools you need for grant writing and capital raising. 

What We Offer

A Network of Investors 

As a part of our network of founders, your pitch can be added to our "businesses to watch" report that we will distribute to our network of VCs and Executives. Alongside this, you will get the chance to speak with a variety of executives through our collaborative events.

Exclusive Mailing List

Yes, it is worth the hype! Be the first to hear about grants, accelerators, events and more through our BLK Founders Newsletter. Enter into a community of black professionals across industries.

Competition Opportunities 

Develop your pitching skills and presentation skills by networking with businesses within your industry. The BLK Founders community is the best way to stay informed and stay connected.



Investors who look like you

The divisive force between funders and founders is often trust. Distrust for those who say they will invest in black-owned businesses for nothing in return is common. We seek to overcome that obstacle by being members of the community ourselves. As black professionals in finance, we aim to create the bridge needed to build trust and uplift our community. 

We Care

We assess businesses for their diversity, positive impact, equality and quality. We do not just believe in the numbers, we trust in the vision and once you join our community, we will be an email away at any point.

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Why Us

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